Dorm Room Microgreens

Want to bring local food into your daily life? Maybe even your living space? One easy way to do this is by growing microgreens in your room!

What are these small but mighty plants? They're usually a mix of different crops, including cabbage, kale, radish, and lettuces. After germination, these little greens are ready to eat within two weeks. Harvest them with scissors and pop them right in your mouth, or add them to your mac 'n cheese, ramen, or smoothie for a little boost of nutrition.

You can purchase microgreen seeds online from a number of sources. I got all mine from Johnny's seeds. These guys don't need a whole lot of soil depth, so feel free to experiment with different recycled containers such as yogurt cups, egg cartons, or Chipotle bowls. You can use dirt/mulch from outside as long as you can be sure it doesn't have any harmful chemicals in it. I purchased potting soil or seed starting mix (whichever was cheaper at the time) from places like Lowes. Even better, go to your independently owned local garden center and browse their selection. 

Here are some more instructions! Have fun! How To!

***Attn sustainability commissioners***: this is a super fun dorm event! I've attached some materials for you here

Greens And SmoothieI put my finished microgreens in smoothies with a frozen banana, honey, chia seeds, and a little peanut butter.

Mason JarHarvested microgreens only last a few days before they wilt, so eat them fast! Refrigerate them in an airtight container like this to make them last a little longer!