Upcoming Events

GreeND Meeting
September 18 7-8pm, Geddes B034
GreeND Office Hours
September 25 7-8pm, Geddes B034
Mayors Taking Action
September 28 7-8:30pm, Jordan 101
Sustainability Tailgate
September 30 11am-1pm, Geddes Coffeehouse
GreeND Meeting
October 2 7-8pm, Geddes B034
Environment, Oil, and Africa 
October 2 12:30-1:45pm, LaFun 202
Film: From the Ashes
October 3 7:00pm, Debart 101
Feast Of St. Francis Mass
October 4 5:15pm, Basilica 
Fall Sustainability Festival
October 6
GreeND Office Hours
October 9 7-8pm, Geddes B034