Welcome to GreeND.


We are a mission: As one of the Nation’s leading universities, it is imperative that Notre Dame have a strong focus on creating a sustainable future. At GreeND, we promote sustainability and environmental consciousness and appreciation. GreeND aims to actively engage Notre Dame's students, staff/faculty, and administration through various opportunities on and off campus for sustainability education, awareness, appreciation, and participation. 

We are a network: We boast members in every grade, in every college, and St. Mary’s. We span coast to coast, with interests just as diverse as our members. Many of our students are also involved in other environmental programs on campus, and our organization is equipped to help every student find their environmental niche. 

We are a home: as an inclusive, forward-thinking club, we are constantly looking for new people, ideas, and events with which to enrich the Notre Dame community. 

Join us; let’s find your place.