About Us


GreeND was started by five students in March of 2007 to serve as a student organization focusing on energy and environmental issues on campus. GreeND members see Notre Dame as a microcosm for the greater world and hope that lessons learned at ND about change, leadership, education, and collaboration will transcend our work on campus.

The success of GreeND is derived from relationships. Since its inception, GreeND leaders have focused on creating strong relationships with the students, staff, faculty, and administrators. These partnerships have led to some of the greatest successes. GreeND leaders meet with leaders of other clubs as well as with important administrative offices including the Office of the President, Executive Vice President, Architect, Utilities, and Business Operations. Many of these meetings have translated into events or programs.

GreeND distributes weekly environmental news to over 300 students and faculty on campus every week. To join our listserv, or have an event or project highlighted in the weekly publication, please contact gogreen@nd.edu