Our Team

We are the GreeND Leaders. We are fortunate to have a team that is collaborative, innovative and kind. Check out our super staff and feel free to email them if you have questions. 

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Erin Lenke (Abroad, Spring) is the President of GreeND and is suding Psychology at ND. She takes care of the GreeND budget and event planning, making sure that the budet is organized so events can run smoothly. She loves running, spending time outside, her dogs, her friends, and the earth. Prior to this, Erin was VP


2016 04 03 19

Kathleen Rocks is a co-Director of Campaigns for GreeND and majors in Political Science and American Studies. She devotes her time to making green things happen on campus, from fossil fuel diversment to waste reduction. Kathleen has a big heart for environmental and social justice, and gives her time back to her community in spades, with some time set aside for mass and people who love her, of course. She is a member of the Sustainability Strategy Commitee. This is Kathleen's second year as Director of Campaigns.

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Abigail Veres is Vice President for GreeND and studies Accounting and Sustainability at Notre Dame. She handles all media, designs the website, answers GreeND emails and sends out the newsletters and reminders each week. She fills her free moments with books, sunshine, dogs, photography and laughter. Prior to this Abbey spent two years as Communications Director. She is a member of the Sustainability Strategy Commitee. 

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Brittany Benninger (Abroad, Fall) is a co-Director of Communications for GreeND studying Economics and Sustainability at ND. She speads the word about GreeND and Fossil Free Nd and works on the campagins to promote sustinability on campus. She's in love with dogs, yoga, big windows filled with sunshine and a breeze, smiling and eating good food. 



Jacqueline Zawada is the co-Director of Communications for GreeND which means she is responsible for emails and social media. She is studying Political Science and Statistics and minoring in Sustainability. Her interests include backpacking, knitting, and eating vegetables.  




Gemma Stanton is the co-Director of Campaigns for GreeND and is majoring in Civil Engineering with minors in Resiliency and Sustainability and Catholic Social Tradition. Her role in GreeND includes organizing events, education, and other programming surrounding the club's campaign. Gemma loves the great outdoors, social justice, and making music. 

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Adam Wiechman is the co-Director of Campaigns for GreeND and is a double major in Environmental Engineering and Political Science at ND. He organizes student-led sustainability campaigns on campus. His interests include energy and environmental policy, music and ultimate frisbee.



Devin North is the co-Director of Outdoors and Community Service for GreeND and is majoring in Environmental Engineering. She organizes outdoors events for the club both on campus and in the South Bend community. Her interests include hiking, kayaking, and traveling. 



Maria Lally is the co-Director of Outdoors for GreeND and is a double major in English and American Studies and a minor in Sustainability. She organizes outdoors events and activities on and off campus. Her interests include music, hiking and spending time outdoors, and making guacamole.


Catherine Sullivan is theDirector of Events for GreeND. She is studying Environmental Engineering and organizes sustainability-related events on campus. Her two favorite things are finding good views and making good food.