Farming For Life

Location: 7481N 50W, Argos, IN 46501

Mission/History: Did you know that your gut is filled with so much bacteria that the volume of their DNA is greater than your own? This bacteria is essential to your digestive and overall health, and taking good care of them is not difficult to do. One way to restore your gut health is to eat and drink foods that have been fermented. This is where Farming for Life has your back. Joe Gady started Farming for Life about 7 years ago. Growing up around conventional farming, Joe knew from a young age that his calling was to be a farmer. Now, instead of employing the destructive industrial farming methods of the past, Joe focuses on building soil and sustainable growing methods. Farming for Life is located on two acres in Argos, IN, where Joe and his team of four employees grow vegetables and turn them into lacto-fermented food products. This is a natural process where microorganisms called lactobacilli convert starches and sugars in the vegetables into lactic acid. This compound not only preserves the vegetables, but also increases the nutritional content, adds enzymes, antioxidants, and probiotics, and increases the amount and digestibility of vitamins and minerals in the product. Joe’s products are made in small batches, ensuring high-quality and nutritious foods. They include raw sauerkraut, dill pickles, kimchi, and his famous fermented carrots; he also sells fermented beverages such as kvass, kombucha, and kefir. Dedicated to the local food movement, Joe keeps a strict 100mile radius to where he sells his products. Lucky for us, many of those places are in South Bend!

Get involved: Farming for Life products are sold at tons of places around Indiana and Michigan. You can get them most easily at Purple Porch Co-op or the Unity Gardens Booth at the South Bend Farmers Market. Additionally, Joe occasionally teaches classes about fermenting around the area. Joe encourages anyone who wants to learn more about farming or ferments to jump into the projects whole heartedly, and to get in touch and visit his farm.

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