Upcoming Events

Inaugurate the Resistance
Tues. Jan 24, 3:18pm, Outside of OShag on South Quad

GreeND Meeting
Tues. Jan. 24, 8pm, Geddes B034

Non-Profit Fundraising Workshop
Thurs. Jan 26th, 4-7pm, 210 McKenna

Social Enterprise for Four Changes
Fri. Jan 27, 10:40am, Jordan Auditorium in Mendoza

GreeND Office Hours (T-shirt crafting!)
Tues. Jan 31st, 8-9pm, Geddes B034

Undergrad Sustainability Research and Education Expo
Tues. Jan 31, 6:30-8pm, LaFun Ballroom

Ethics, Environment, and our Energy Policy under the Trump Administration
Fri. Feb. 3rd, Geddes Coffee House

Time to Choose Screening and Discussion
Sun. Feb. 5th, 3pm, DPAC

Organize ND
Mon. Feb. 6th, 3:30-5pm, Geddes Coffee House

GreeND Meeting
Feb. 7, 8pm, Geddes B034

Valentines Event
Feb 13

GreeND Office Hours
Feb. 14, 8-9pm, Geddes B034

GreeND Meeting
Feb 21, 8pm, Geddes B034

GreeND Office Hours
Feb 28, 8-9pm, Geddes B034

GreeND Meeting
Mar 7, 8pm, Geddes B034

GreeND Office Hours
Mar 14, 8-9pm, Geddes B034

March 21, 8-9pm, Geddes B034

Sustainability Festival
April 21